MN Conf Exec Team Photos

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MN Conference Executive Team Photos

For contact information go to "MN Conf Team Contact Info" page

President, Sandy Meyer

Vice President, Kim Harris

Secretary, Gail Miller

Treasurer, Patience Gall

Communications Coordinator, Diane Hellie

Chairperson, Committee on Nominations, Rennae Petersen/Joyce Nedbalek

Secretary of Program Resources, Ginny Vandervest

Mission u Assistant Dean: Diana Eickelberg

Mission Coordinator Spiritual Growth, Jean Waldt

Committee on Nominations:2018

Mission Coordinator Social Action, Elizabeth Everitt

Committee on Nominations: 2018

Mission Coordinator Education & Interpretation and Charter for Racial Justice Policies Committee, Myrna Kuehl

Committee on Nominations: Annette Brandner 2015

Mission Coordinator Membership, Nurture, & Outreach

Committee on Nominations: Rennae Petersen 2016

National Director: Cindy Saufferer

Committee on Nominations: Stephenie Goeke 2016

Charter for Racial Justice Policies Committee

Committee on Nominations: Vonda Atkinson 2017

Charter for Racial Justice Policies Committee, Bev Bickelhaupt

Committee on Nominations, Joyce Nedbalek 2017

Mission u Registrar: Char Frankenberry

District President Big Waters: Linda Kotschevar

Mission u Assistant Registrar:

District President North Star: Linda Brinster

Mission u Dean, Melinda Kohrt

District President River Valley: Lynn Gryc

District President Southern Prairie: Audrey Asp

COSROW (Committee on Status and Role of Women), Faye Christensen

District President Twin Cities: Becky Coleman

Technology Coordinator